The final stage of a break-up.

Acceptance and Self-love. They really go hand in hand. Coming up to almost a Year until my last relationship, I can honestly say I feel at peace. Today whilst sharing my blog with a new friend I was asked the question "Are you over your ex?".  My first thought was not... 'It's complicated' nor was… Continue reading The final stage of a break-up.

9 months after the break-up, I still feel heartbroken.

I once thought that being alone and never having some love you was the worst kind of emotional pain you could experience. Until I experienced what loss of love was. I wish I could say it was a dramatic break-up. It wasn't. It happened with the silent nod of a head, a soft caress of… Continue reading 9 months after the break-up, I still feel heartbroken.

It’s okay to be alone

As I was growing up as a teenage girl, I wasn't aware of my looks. I was a quirky, nerdy, spotty mess. I had no understanding of what self-loathing was. I did not care much of what people thought of me & I confidently liked whoever I liked and perhaps over-confidently assumed boys would like… Continue reading It’s okay to be alone