3 different Anime series that explore self-love abstractly.

Hello there. As late as it is, my creative juices were flowing. and could not be stopped. Self-love is an interesting concept that I have only recently come to terms with. Even then, I am still learning and evolving as a human. Over the years anime has been a big part of who I am,… Continue reading 3 different Anime series that explore self-love abstractly.


Today was my 24th birthday. This was probably the least excited I have ever been for a birthday. In fact, I hated the whole concept of celebrating my birthday. Everyone claims that it's "your day" and that they would like to celebrate by spending time with me doing something fun. In actual fact, if It… Continue reading 24

Dear old Arcade

Monday 1st January 2018 There are many ways that I am reading this title in my head. What could "Dear old Arcade" possibly mean to someone new who has unexpectedly stumbled upon this blog? Let me set a scene, He walked slowly and deliberately across the old and cracked pavement. Littered with unfinished gum that had… Continue reading Dear old Arcade