3 different Anime series that explore self-love abstractly.

Hello there. As late as it is, my creative juices were flowing. and could not be stopped. Self-love is an interesting concept that I have only recently come to terms with. Even then, I am still learning and evolving as a human. Over the years anime has been a big part of who I am,… Continue reading 3 different Anime series that explore self-love abstractly.

Why I felt Black Panther in my Soul

The dust seems to have settled since the release of Marvel Studio's Black Panther, but the love I have for this record-breaking film certainly has not. Black Panther signifies a new Era for black superheroes on the big screen, where previously there have been minimal. As Black Panther was now available to buy on DVD, I… Continue reading Why I felt Black Panther in my Soul

Dear old Arcade

Monday 1st January 2018 There are many ways that I am reading this title in my head. What could "Dear old Arcade" possibly mean to someone new who has unexpectedly stumbled upon this blog? Let me set a scene, He walked slowly and deliberately across the old and cracked pavement. Littered with unfinished gum that had… Continue reading Dear old Arcade