3 different Anime series that explore self-love abstractly.

Hello there. As late as it is, my creative juices were flowing. and could not be stopped. Self-love is an interesting concept that I have only recently come to terms with. Even then, I am still learning and evolving as a human. Over the years anime has been a big part of who I am,… Continue reading 3 different Anime series that explore self-love abstractly.

Why I felt Black Panther in my Soul

The dust seems to have settled since the release of Marvel Studio's Black Panther, but the love I have for this record-breaking film certainly has not. Black Panther signifies a new Era for black superheroes on the big screen, where previously there have been minimal. As Black Panther was now available to buy on DVD, I… Continue reading Why I felt Black Panther in my Soul

It’s okay to be alone

As I was growing up as a teenage girl, I wasn't aware of my looks. I was a quirky, nerdy, spotty mess. I had no understanding of what self-loathing was. I did not care much of what people thought of me & I confidently liked whoever I liked and perhaps over-confidently assumed boys would like… Continue reading It’s okay to be alone


Today was my 24th birthday. This was probably the least excited I have ever been for a birthday. In fact, I hated the whole concept of celebrating my birthday. Everyone claims that it's "your day" and that they would like to celebrate by spending time with me doing something fun. In actual fact, if It… Continue reading 24


Visitors for the first time to this website might be puzzled and confused by the abbreviation of D.O.A,  and how it is an obvious contrast to the name of my website. Kuroneko-otaku is spelt using the romaji alphabet in Japanese. Translated it means, black cat geek. For some time I felt that this is accurately described… Continue reading Kuroneko-otaku