Dear old Arcade

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Monday 1st January 2018

There are many ways that I am reading this title in my head. What could “Dear old Arcade” possibly mean to someone new who has unexpectedly stumbled upon this blog?

Let me set a scene,

He walked slowly and deliberately across the old and cracked pavement. Littered with unfinished gum that had been stamped onto the ground much like that of an old Victorian wax-sealed letter. The wind billowed, howling whilst tossing his tall and slender frame forward and back. It was a day much like those from his childhood. Running to escape the weather, he would often hurl himself inside where he would find the warm and welcoming sounds of his peers laughing, gunshots echoing, techno music blaring. Now, this dilapidated building no longer echoed with laughter. It was condemned. “The old Arcade” is what everyone referred to it as now.

Well, as proud as I am of that descriptive paragraph. This is not what this blog is about. Sorry to disappoint. The Arcade that is referred to in this title is none other than me, and by me, I am talking about myself the writer. My name is Arcade, no it’s not a nickname (although I have many times wished it was in my younger years) it is my honest-to-God parent bestowed name.

The purpose of this blog is a form of a diary, an instruction manual, an outlet, and whatever other miscellaneous types of literature I can think of writing. It is only befitting that this long-awaited blog has been started on the Monday 1st January 2018 and I hope to see it through this time (there have been multiple attempts).

There is something very restorative about the beginning of 2018 in my opinion. It is a Monday, a fresh week, a fresh month and a fresh year. I have had a very tumultuous 2017 and I don’t think I could find a better time to restore myself than right now. “Dear Old Arcade” is a letter to myself about the person I once was, and the person I aspire to be. The only way I can attain my goals is by at the beginning of this year being “resolute”. I want to use this blog to forgive myself, grow myself, love myself and spread that into the world. I want to be, in the word of Patch Adams – “Excessively happy” with an immeasurable sense of freedom. For I believe happiness is freedom, while freedom in some circumstances is a state of mind, and this is my recorded journey of becoming free. I hope this lifetime journey will pique the interest of a reader somewhere enough for them to follow me along the way.

“Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead” – Philippians 3:13


5 thoughts on “Dear old Arcade”

  1. What a beautiful piece Aseye..or I should I say Arcade? Lool. You’ve certainly piqued my interest; the wisdom coming out of this is immensely refreshing. DO NOT STOP!! Do me and the rest of the world a favour, and continuously share this gift that you have with us all.

    Lovely stuff my g😎👌🏾

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